Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Feeding British children

This weekend represented everything that I passionately believe in when feeding children. My girls ate, and enjoyed the recipe I posted on Saturday - Hake with Cockles, Bacon and Leeks. I know it sounds so aspirational or middle class but it was a relatively normal occurance in my house and I am neither aspirational nor middle class. Just a dad who loves food and wants his kids to love it too. So a good weekend. Ah but the realities of the working week are now upon me.

The reality of my working week focuses on my 'other' children. The kids at school have eaten well. A lovely homemade bolognaise with pasta and garlic bread and as a snack item our legendary meatball melt, made with veg packed tomato sauce. So far so good. However, exhaution after work means little energy. Today girls have pasta with simple tomato sauce. They like it and its homemade and very cheap so ticks the boxes.

Tomorrow however brings a monumental challenge - Louis is coming for tea and most visiting kids accept nothing less than chicken dippers. I hope I have the energy to do something better.

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