Monday, 11 July 2011

How do you find the time?

Fellow mumsnet blogger David Milliband and I spent a pleasant afternoon at Claridge's bar on Saturday. Those of you who read my blog will know that I had a lovely day planned on Saturday, as a belated fathers day present. I travelled to London and did the things that I like to do, just pottering about and spending the afternoon at Claridge's bar, you know that sort of thing (oh by the way Mr Milliband and I didn't sit together - he doesn't know me, just a coincidence with myself on the martini's, he on tea). It is the best place in the whole world, particularly if you love attention to detail with food and drink. The problem is that it is too damn good and all good intentions go out of the window and all I will say is that I nearly missed my train and spent way too much money. On the other hand I don't go out with my mates, spending loads on awful drinks surrounded by idiots. Actually, from that point of view Claridge's is good value, if you take it easy!

So daddy spent Sunday 'resting' (apart from taking Seren swimming) which left no time to shop for storecupboard challenge week 2. I haven't been today either because of work and need to go tomorrow. However, last week's list ensured that I had enough in the cupboard to make pasta with chorizo, mushrooms and peas and today i've brought some bolognaise home from work. Week 2 should begin tomorrow!

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