Monday, 4 July 2011

Storecupboard Challenge - Day 2 Spanish Omlette

Having just returned from work the last thing I want to do is fuss around in the kitchen. Some days I do but not today. I am now starting to feel a bit militant about my challenge but already there are things I should have included, like broccoli and some tinned fish maybe. However, i'm not going shopping again as I have a budget to stick to. By the way if you are doing this with me then a weekly shop is not essential. In fact its my dream to live somewhere I could shop every few days - its the principle thats important - not going too much off list. Anyway nice and easy tonight - Spanish omlette. Feel free to include whatever you like, mushrooms or artichokes are lovely but i've added some diced pepper and diced courgette, which is not on my list but my neighbour gave me one from her garden. Also below is my shopping list repeated for those of you who want it.

Spanish Omlette

6 - 8 eggs, lightly beaten and seasoned
1 large or 3 small potatoes, cut into small dice
1/2 onion, finely diced
100g cooking chorizo, diced
1 small courgette, diced
1/4 red pepper, diced
1 tbsp olive oil
salt and pepper

1) In a large non stick frying pan heat some oil on a medium heat and fry the chorizo, courgette, pepper, onion and potato until crisp and cooked.
2) Add the eggs and stir gently. Now you can let it cook for a couple of minutes until it is safe to turn it over (turn it onto a plate and then back into the pan). Cook the other side for 2 minutes, serve immediately. Some dressed spinach leaves would be nice.

4 types of flour - plain, self raising, gram and bread
caster sugar
salt and pepper
sunflower oil for frying
marigold vegetable stock

Storecupboard items
Pasta (500g) - £1.00
Chopped tinned tomatoes (400g) x 2 - 31p for basics, 59p for own brand and 98p for Napolina
Medium curry powder (80g) - 99p
Extra virgin olive oil (500ml) - £1.99
Rice - basics long grain 45p for 1kg or £1.46 for 500g basmati
Bread, unsliced (800g) - £1.20
Cashew nuts (90g) - £1.44
Dried porcini mushrooms (25g) - £1.78

Total: £9.47 (basics)

Fruit and veg items
Herbs - 2 for £2
Onions - 98p (kg)
Garlic - 30p (clove)
Potatoes (new) - £1.00 (kg)
Mixed peppers - £1.35 (600g)
Carrots - 75p (1.5kg)
Mixed chilli - 54p
Lemon - 30p
Tomatoes - 72p (450g)
Frozen Peas - £1.75 (900g)

Total: £9.69

Fridge items
- Parmesan - £2.30 (250g)
- Cheddar - £1.50 (330g, basics) or £2.50 (300g own brand)
Chorizo (cooking) - £2.39 (225g)
Cream - 95p (300ml)
Natural yogurt - 54p (basics) or £1.00 (own brand)
Ham - 85p (basics, 200g) or £3.00 (breaded, own brand)
Parma ham - £2.00 (70g) or £2.69 (85g)
Eggs (dozen) - £1.40 (barn) or £2.50 (free range)
Whole chicken (medium) - £4.00 (standard), £6.00 (free range), £8.00 (organic)
Minced beef (500g) - 96p (standard mince) or £2.96 (minced steak)

Total: £16.89 (basics)

Basket Total: £36.05 (basics)

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