Tuesday, 9 August 2011


Because I like to express my love for my family through cooking I made 2 separate breakfasts this morning. Drop scones for Seren and full English for Ruby and so I popped down to Swansea market early this morning to buy our groceries. I keep saying it but Swansea market truly is a wonderful place. Its got a great atmosphere along with expert and friendly producers selling a stunning variety of foods that the supermarkets, try as they might, cannot compete with. I had my bacon, sausage, eggs and black pudding from Abraham's and fantastic goose rillete and mature parmesan from Paul at Goodies deli. Paul sells cheese, ham and other deli items that you cannot get in the supermarkets. Sure you can get similar stuff, read inferior quality, but not the real deal. I always feel however that I am one of the youngest market shoppers and worry that no new customers are using such a great place. The city will be a poorer place without the largest indoor market in Wales so I urge you to try it!

Drop scones with apple and nutella

Seren loves these and she is unaware of the addition of finely grated apple into the batter mixture that makes them slightly healthier. You can put lots of different toppings on but she loves Nutella and i only put a small teaspoon on each one so its not too bad!
 Love these Dad!!

The batter looks like pancake batter but its slightly thicker, which helps, hold the shape. The grated apple in it is a sneaky way of getting a bit of fruit in them without them noticing. This is also a great way to get young kids started in the kitchen, as it is so simple to make. They can easily make the batter and as confidence grows they can cook them as well. You could substitute some of the flour for wholemeal or use a different fruit such as pear.

120g self-raising flour
25g caster sugar
1 egg
Pinch of salt
120ml milk
1 apple, peeled and grated
Drop of oil to grease pan

1)    Sift the flour into a bowl, add the sugar and salt and mix.
2)      Make a well in the centre and add the egg then the milk. Whisk until you have a smooth batter. Add the grated apple and mix in.
3)      Grease your frying pan and place on a medium heat. Using a tablespoon of mixture per scone, drop into the pan, keeping each one well apart so they don’t stick together. Cook for 2 minutes on each side - you will know when to turn them as holes will appear (see pic). Add nutella while the other side is cooking as it warms it up and is easy to spread.

Full English
No recipe here just a few pointers on breakfast items. Sausages shouldn't be too meaty, I recently had some of Sainsbury's 'Taste the difference' pork chipolatas but they were far too meaty for breakfast. I think the ones I buy are locally known as 'hipkin's' sausage and they are thin and pink and perfect for a full English.
Buy the best bacon you can afford as the cheaper stuff is full of water which will leak out into your frying pan and take for ever to fry. I like to use streaky bacon as i'm a fat lover - not healthy but fine now and again.
Last point but an important one - if you don't wan't to feel overfull and bloated after a full English then lay off the carbs. I have found over the years that eating too many carbohydrates lead to feeling bloated and tired, not to mention contributing to carrying a bit too much weight. just leave the toast / fried bread and fried potatoes out!

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