Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Sloe Vodka

What better way to spend a sunny afternoon in the garden than make some sloe vodka? Once you have picked and pricked the sloes you must wait at least 6 months to enjoy it but I love the idea of sipping something you made in the summer next to an open fire on a cold february night. Make hay while the sun shines has never felt more apt!

slave labour

First of all you need to find a local supply of sloe berries and although I only have 20 followers I am fiercly protective over the identity of my sloe bushes. You need to pick about 1.5 kg or in my case 2 hatfuls and then prick them all over with a pin. If you are a bit lazy like me then you can get your family involved - ahh my sweet innocent children blissfully unaware of their role in their dad's illicit hooch making scheme (Mrs F utterly complicit).

Once pricked, pop them into a demi john or large kilner jar and for 1.5kg of sloes add 750g caster sugar and 1.4ltr of vodka. I personally prefer vodka to gin as it has a cleaner taste when made and you can appreciate the flavour of the sloes better.

Turn it every day for a week or so and then turn them every week for six months. Needless to say it will taste better if you leave it for a year or so but life is too short so enjoy in February 2012.

When it comes to bottling the precious liquid then all you need to do is line a sieve with a double piece of muslin and strain into a jug. Then pour into a bottle using a funnel.


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