Thursday, 10 November 2011

My Dream Kitchen part 1...

My wait for a real kitchen is almost over. We moved into our current home in April 2007 and renovated where necessary. The house is a 1936 semi that hadn't been touched for years and we had to rewire, put a central heating system in, plaster the living and dining room and sort the bathroom out. You soon realise that £10 k doesn't go terribly far when doing up a house. No dream kitchen for me then.

Our, no my poor kitchen was ripped out but with no money to refit. And so I have blogged, written recipes and created lovely food from a kitchen that was not fit for purpose. I had a hob, a small butchers block and a sink and that's it really.

Ali and I ummed and ahhed for four years as to what to do with it. Ali, who lets say is not the cook in our house, wanted to knock through to create a larger kitchen. But there was a major flaw in her plan - she wanted to knock out the kitchen's original pantry! I can hear audible gasps from fellow foodies. I made the right noises knowing full well that I would lay in front of it if the builders tried to knock it out. So I got my way and while my kitchen is hardly anyone's idea of a dream kitchen, its my dream kitchen and look forward to making use of it...

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